Staff Profile: Jo Pearson

Name: Jo Pearson

What do you do at Kathryn Wilson?

Retail Manager, I oversee the stores and retail team, but because we are a small team, we all chip in where ever we are needed on the day. I love that every day is different.

How long have you been with KW?

I started in 2015

What is a typical day like for you at KW?

Every day is different, I usually  I can start my day off at HO, then head off to visit stores to hang out with the girls in store.

What’s your favourite thing about working at KW?

I have quite a few favourite things, one of which is the people and the team I work with. I love meeting new people, and love getting to know the younger girls that join our KW family, I love that I always end up learning something from them and vice versa. I have always adored shoes, and so my habit is constantly being fed with new designs Kathryn and Julia come up with every season.

I also love being on the shop floor, meeting customers and being part of their excitement and joy when they find their perfect pair or pairs of shoes, I genuinely love these moments still after all the years I have been doing this.

What is a funny work memory?

Oh my goodness there are so many fond, funny memories of team dinners, meetings and the giggles that come from them, but there is a constant that the team know about, that I seem to ruin countless photos just trying to smile without looking truly odd, I would have made a terrible model ha ha.

What are the values that drive you?

Love, compassion, Joy, and equanimity

What is your favourite style this season and how do you wear it?

Oh I have so many favourites this season, but if I had to pick a couple, it would be the Heidi Hi-top I wear with long dresses and leather jacket or camo jacket, and the Amore boot so comfortable and I can wear this all day, goes with everything. I also have my eye on the Houston boot in wineberry, it is the prettiest colour and has a metallic toe.

What does having happy feet mean to you?

Happy feet is when look down and no matter what kind of day you are having, when you look at your feet you cannot help but smile.

What do you love doing when you’re not working, hobbies?

Catching up with friends, concerts, swims, walks with my boys, meditate, and always on the hunt for any vintage finds for home, I collect many things, but they have to be old and a bargain.

Top 3 Cafes/eateries recommendations?

Cotto K Road


Puhoi Pub – I hope it never changes, that is its charm

If you could only take 3 things with you to a deserted island….

Jacob, Jason and Lucy my dog, not sure how long this package would last, but family and friends are everything to me.

 Jo in the Amore Boot, Black Suede as part of the Miss Wilson Winter'19 collection.

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