Love your footwear for longer...

 We consider every aspect when it comes to creating your favourite Kathryn Wilson footwear. From the design room, colours, textures, to wear testing, we create durable and long lasting footwear for you to love

Sometimes daily life can affect the lifespan of your beloved shoes. We have put together an ideal care guide so you can love your footwear for longer!


Get to know your foot wear 

It’s important to identify what material your shoes outer is to ensure you are giving it the right care so you can love your shoes for longer

The majority of our footwear is made from leather which is a natural, durable and breathable material perfect to protect you from the elements. Sometimes leather can be firm against the foot when new, however after a little love it will soften up nicely so you can keep chic and comfortable...


Leather can come in all different finishes and styles, so let’s learn how to care for them...

Pebbled leather – Is best cared for with a gel or cream polish every two to three weeks to condition the surface and ensure the leather is keeping nourished


Suede/Nubuck – We recommend spraying your suede shoes with a quality waterproofing spray every wear to keep them protected from weather and spills


Calf Hair – A stunning, yet delicate surface that can bald if scuffed. The best way to keep it looking fresh is taking care when wearing and regularly spray to keep protected


Patent – Patent is already waterproof - yay! However due to the nature of its coating we recommend a deeper patent specific polish to ensure the leather underneath is staying hydrated to prevent cracking


The basics... in 4 easy steps...

 – Care before you wear


 – Keep them clean


 – Nourish


 – Storage


Care before you wear 

Set yourself up for success with the Wrens Total Protector. Our Wrens protector spray is completely invisible and works to repel water, water stains and most liquids.Simply mist over your new shoes, allow to air dry and away you go! Suitable for all types of shoes


 ‘ You can use the Wrens Total Protector on leather, smooth suede, nubuck leathers and textiles ’


Keep em' clean 

Keep your shoes free of dirt to dust by simply cleansing your leather with the Wrens Delicate Gel. Works miracles on those pesky stains too! It cleans and nourishes all kinds of leather such as smooth, embossed, patent and metallic


‘ Did you know that dust can cause fading, store your shoes in a Kathryn Wilson dustbag to keep your shoes dry and protected ’



Hydrate your leather and refresh the colour to a brilliant shine with the Wren’s Leather Cream. Available in cream or black. Perfect for all smooth and grained leathers


‘ The right leather cream or polish can make leather last a lifetime ’



Shoes hate moisture, keep your footwear in a cool and dry place away from any excess moisture that could cause mildew or...mould!


‘ Make sure, when storing your shoes you keep them out of direct sunlight or heat as this can cause cracking and fading ’


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