Get to know | Taania

We chat with Taania about her day-to-day life at Kathryn Wilson Footwear, her personal style, and what it means to be named the sustainability champion of KW.

Tell us about your role at Kathryn Wilson Footwear

My role as National Sales Manager is to look after the day-to-day sales whilst managing and supporting our retail team of 15 and four stores
I also work alongside Julia our Creative Director/head of sales to assist with running our 70 wholesale accounts across New Zealand

Take us through your day-to-day

This morning I started with working from home for a few hours organising our onboarding, training schedule, and responding to emails, then popped into our Herne Bay Head office to grab some of our baby shoes to top up our Wellington Store. For the rest of the day, between customers in the store, I am reaching out to new and existing stockists to arrange times for our W23 selling appointments (My favourite winter collection yet!).

In three words, describe your personal style

Colourful, eclectic, and clean

Who is your style icon?

My Nana, Kahurangi, who is forever the best dressed and all the stylish women on my Pinterest, I head to Pinterest nearly every morning for outfit and hair inspiration.

Heels, flats, boots, or sneakers?

Heels and boots with heels forever!

What's your favourite KW shoe this season and how do you style it?

I can’t wait for The Plaza Heel to arrive, I’m planning to wear it with jeans and suits but also think it would be perfect for going to wineries in summer with linen dresses!

Describe your favourite KW moment or memory

Our events we have at Kathryn Wilson Stores across New Zealand.
They are such an exciting way to introduce people to our brand, present our story and align with organisations and amazing people from all different areas and bring them together with the love of shoes. Most recently we teamed up with Vodafone and the Well foundation where we learned about the Well Foundations' work and styled Vodafone’s clients and staff with a portion from every pair sold going to funding Mental Health support in schools across Tamaki Makaurau.

And lastly... You have been assigned the role of ‘sustainability champion’ at Kathryn Wilson – why is this so important to you?

It’s important to me that we do our best to leave as little of a footprint on the planet as possible. In regards to Sustainability at Kathryn Wilson, it is something we are working on daily and doing our best to look where we can be making changes that impact the environment less.
We can always do better and there is a lot we are working towards. I am proud of our sustainable journey so far, working with an external sustainability advisor has helped us create and achieve most of our goals put in place


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