Staff Profile: Alice Stonehouse

What do you do at Kathryn Wilson?

I am a part time retail assistant, and absolutely loving it!

How long have you been with KW?

I am still quite a newbie at KW as I have only been a part of this amazing team for about a month. 

What is a typical day like for you at KW?

I am typically based in New Market. I have the job of opening the store and ensuring it looks beautiful for our customers. I am often kept quite busy with online orders, phone calls and emails. I am quite a ‘tidy kiwi’ when it comes to organisation so am always sorting out the stock room :)

What’s your favourite thing about working at KW?

To not only get to form great friendships with some of the most empowering and beautiful women i have met but to also meet our customers who share a similar love affair with shoes as I do. There is nothing better than sending a customer away with a smile and a fresh pair of KW shoes :) 

What is a funny work memory?

As I haven’t been at KW for very long, I don’t have a specific memory, but Jo, our retail manager has had me laughing every day since my first interview. With her quick humour and accents there is never a dull moment at KW. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a humour filled, yet empowering environment!

What are the values that drive you?

I am massively driven by passion, resilience and trust. I am a very loving person also and strongly believe that if you value yourself and the people you surround yourself by you will be happy no matter what. 

What is your favourite style this season and how do you wear it?

Now this would be the hardest question, there are just too many goodies! If i had to pick a favourite though it would have to be the Linell sandal, I wear this shoe both casually and formally. It is a great slip on that can be worn with nearly anything, you will often find me wearing my Linell’s in store as they are so comfy :) 

What does having happy feet mean to you?

Having happy feet to me means that you feel confident and alive. 

What do you love doing when you’re not working, hobbies?

I am quite the outdoorsy person and do enjoy the finer things in life. In the summer you’ll find me nestled at one of NZ’s beautiful beaches with a book in hand and some snacks handy, or hiking :) In the winter you would find me playing netball, eating, sleeping and repeating. 

Top 3 Cafes/eateries recommendations?

  • Bread and butter in Milford is a great place for a delicious breakfast or lunch and coffee, they also have the most delicious cabinet food!
  • Cornwall Park Cafe, this is one is great for everyone, including pets. I often enjoy coming here with my family and watching all the doggos running around :) 
  • Matakana Markets, although its a drive, it is worth it! Personal favourite is the white bait fritters, OMG these are to die for :) 

If you could only take 3 things with you to a deserted island….

Flare gun, a good book and sunscreen cause boy do I burn :)

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