Designer Notes | Behind Our Limited Release Floral

We spoke to our Creative Director, Julia, about her and Kathryn's inspiration behind our highly-anticipated High Summer 23 Viola floral print and how she will be styling it this summer...

What inspired the High Summer 23 floral print?

"The Viola print was originally created for NZ Fashion Week catwalk show, as a way to unite the colour palette of our footwear and accessories complimented with a beautiful silk blouse story to wear back with our leather garments – a very special collaboration between Kathryn Wilson & LeDoré."

- Julia 

Take us through the design process.

"The majority of the prints that I make are quite graphic and feature a bold use of colour; the design process began with researching colour combinations that felt complementary to the footwear and accessory ranges, then developing a striking, large scale floral motif that incorporated the bold contrasting colours. I played around with watercolours to create the floral and then collaged it all together in design programs. For the second drop of High Summer we added a pastel pink version of the print which looks so fresh, feminine and pretty."

- Julia 

How do you love to style floral this season?

Now that we have a range of products featuring this beautiful print, it’s fun to mix and match them to create a co-ordinated look. The floral Blanchfield Bag with the floral Classic Belt is a fun way to elevate your favourite summer denim pieces or pairing the new LeDoré Stacey Wrap Dress with the matching Christelle Heel and an oversized emerald Stella Leather Jacket is such a statement-making, Xmas party look!"

- Julia

Where are you wearing this print this season?

"Whenever I need a feel-good moment…the bold colours are perfect for dopamine dressing!"

- Julia 



Photo credit: Esther Pasitoa Photography and Connor Simpson Photography. 

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