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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Kathryn Wilson footwear takes its ethical and social responsibilities of our suppliers, our clients and the environment seriously. We are committed to upholding enjoyable and fair working conditions as a wholesaler, retailer and employer and ensure that our supply chain adheres to our legal, moral and ethical standards.

We ensure that all products we produce and purchase through third party contractors come from ethical sources and have a range of measures in place that form our responsible sourcing guidelines.  These supplier relationships are long-standing from 4-12 years producing our beautiful shoes for us and are constantly striving to better their workplace and their processes . All employees of Kathryn Wilson footwear, or agents working for us locally and internationally must comply with our guidelines for ethical practice at all times. 

Work conducted for Kathryn Wilson footwear cannot be subcontracted to another supplier. To ensure this every production run is checked both during manufacturing and at the time of shipping to ensure compliance as part of our quality assurance process. Kathryn and her team conduct bi-annual visits and inspections of the facilities and working conditions for all suppliers. 

For further information on any particular products, our supply chain and business values, please email us at 

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